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  Let's welcome Dr. Karina Khan,

     she just joined our lab as a                         PostDoctoral Fellow.

Our PhD student, Anushree Sinha won the "Best Poster Award" at the DCS Day-2023. Heartiest Congratulations to her!

Let's welcome Dibyamanjaree,

she just joined our group.


           Let's welcome Rimi,

      she just joined our group.

CONGRATULATIONS "Angel Mary CT" for getting selected in the prestigious "Charpak Lab Scholarship" programme for the Summer-2022


"Saswat Kr. Mohanty" and "Vysakh R" for getting selected at the "The Pennsylvania State University" and "Iowa State University", respectively, for pursuing their Ph.D. studies. We wish them all the best for their future endeavours!  

Our PhD student, Amrita Chakraborty won the "Best Poster Award" at the DCS Day-2022. Heartiest Congratulations to her!



Ma'am, Dr. Susmita Roy got awarded

The CRSI-2021

Young Scientist Award.

Our study from IISER Kolkata covered by "THE PRINT" media

Link to the Original Article


Our PhD students, Amrita Chakrobarty and Anushree Sinha, were awarded the prestigious DST-INSPIRE fellowship by the Govt. of India.



To both of them...

This study primarily focuses on a spike-protein-mediated viral entry mechanism of the novel coronavirus. We believe, the present structure-based model derived information at the microscopic interaction level may provide deep insight to design effective decoys or vaccines to fight against 2019-nCoV infection. American Chemical Society (ACS) has "JUST ACCEPTED" it in their Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

(Read our latest article: J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2020, 11, 17, 7021–7027)


Novel Coronavirus Prefusion Spike dynamics first-ever simulated

Sangram Prusty, Raju Sarkar and Sonali Nayak got their first first-author paper published...


To the three of them...


Dr. Susmita Roy of Dept. of Chemical Sciences has been awarded the prestigious "Har Govind Khorana-Innovative Young Scientist Award" from DBT, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

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